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Supplies within the trails of Torres del Paine National Park

Paine waterfall, by Gonzalo Vera
Bosque del Campamento Torres.jpg
Dawn at Torres del Paine
Almirante Nieto and Las Torres from Hostería Las Torres, by Burgener Norbert

Some limited supplies are sold within the trails, at prices 3 to 4 times those of Punta Arenas. So you have the choice if you want a lighter backpack. The selling points are located at Hostería Las Torres, Serón (not always), Dickson, Los Perros, Grey and Paine Grande (former Pehoé). Bread is not always available, but groceries normally are.

Prices in february 2013 (CLP):

  • 400 grams of pasta: $2.000
  • Tomato sauce: $1.000
  • Rice: $1.500
  • Soup: $1.500
  • Propane: $5.000
  • Egg: $250
  • Oat: $3.000 1kg
  • Biscuits ("Triton"): $1.000
  • Sliced bread: $2.000-$5.000 (it varies from camping to camping)
  • Soda can: $1.500-$2.000
  • Beer can: $2.500-$3.000

There are also sweets and chocolates, and batteries.

Electricity on the campsites works only for a couple of hours, so bring your batteries fully charged

You can also buy cooked meals at Base Torres, El Chileno, Cuernos, Paine Grande and Grey:

  • Breakfast: $6.500
  • Meal: $11.000
  • Box lunch for the walk: $8.500