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Lo Valdés - Termas de Colina (english)

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Baños Colina. Pozón higher. August 2007
  • Trekking: As there is a vehicular road along the whole trek, only makes sense to do this walk in winter when the road is closed. Normally this happens from the first significant snowfall (usually late May or early June) until late September. Once the road has been open for vehicular passage, the Baths of hill became a destination "for the whole family," very busy, and no longer a goal from the outdoors point of view.
  • Randonnée: Between June and August. Unless there recently snowed, it may well be necessary to load the skis throughout the first half of the slope of the afflicted. After crossing the Hill Bridge, this should not be necessary to return to the very hot springs.

Access by car and the road status

Map of Baños Colina. File: Department of Roads

From Santiago, you should take Route G-25 at Cajon del Maipo. From the junction of Vizcachas, are 47 miles paved in good to the control of police of San Gabriel (telephone 8611008 and 8612290, should you wish to check the status of the road, although the responses are to be too "conservative"). Then are 1.1 kilometers of pavement to the confluence of the Maipo Gypsum. Immediately after the bridge starts on gravel whose state depends on the length of time without being arranged by equipment for roads, but it is usually state regular. After 18 kilometers of gravel on the main road we arrive at the fork to Baños Morales, nestled on the north bank of the volcano. Instead of taking the left turn to Baños Morales, continue 2.1 kilometers down the road we have been following until the end of the gathering area of the gypsum mine. In winter, it is usual that there is a gravel barrier at the end of this area of collecting that prevents the passage of vehicles. Just after this (possible) barrier begins, clearly visible, the slope of the afflicted.

Access by public transport and hitchhiking

Map Trekking and other treks in the environment

The municipal bus line (Turmaipo) conducts tours to Baños Morales. From October until 1 January, the bus departs on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. A count of the first of January until 15 March, a bus leaves every day. The exit is on the Metrobus Terminal Bellavista de la Florida (penultimate station on subway line 5). If you have questions subway guards can help. The return value of the passage to Banos Morales is $ 6,000 (the amount in Turmaipo confirm: 8611518 to 8612450, or their website). There are rates for intermediate lengths. The output bus from the terminal is performed at 8:30 and get a bus a day. You can also take this bus in Puente Alto, outside the station Las Mercedes, where the bus passes close at 8:50. For San Jose de Maipo passes around 9:35 and arrives at Baños Morales about 11 am. You'll recognize the bus by its number, "MB-72".

It is also possible to privately hire the minibus Turismontaña (8500555 / 8500783) or ARPU Tourism (6818475 and 09-9320108) and fix a price to the same starting point. Both made the previous booking service to Baños Morales. Depart from Baquedano Metro Station (Plaza Italia), a Telefonica side of the building.

Route description

Profile altitude trekking to Baños de Colina. The vertical scale has been increased 7.3 times
Cuesta of the afflicted, starting the trek. 08/07.
Since the (possible) barrier are 4.3 miles along the hill to Hill Bridge, where you climb steadily from the 1915m. up to 2350m. It is impossible to lose his way, even when covered with snow, it is mostly cut into the steep hillside that drops to the river Volcano. It passes the foot of the towering rock walls of the Punta Zanzi. After crossing the Hill Bridge (the starting point for treks in the Purple Glacier and Refuge Plantat, among others) the road becomes much flatter, running without interruption for the north bank of the river to the same hot springs. Forward will be observed the ways of gypsum mine (no activity between May and October) and some abandoned huts, partially covered with snow. At this point, the road starts to turn south, and appears Pointed (4.126m) as a backdrop. After some promontories
Hill Valley. In the background is observed Puntiagudo. 08/07
steeper snow, we reach a point where the valley is very narrow, with both sides falling into the river sank.
Hill Valley. Yesera the background. 08/07
Later, we reach a stretch in which the bed of the river is quite wide, with the vehicular road along the northernmost sector. The road moves away from the river bed and begins to climb gently along the slopes of the hills, but always moving to the southeast. Soon they will be visible from the spa facilities, which almost certainly are stranded between May and October. Several hundred yards beyond the gateway (which may not be going cross walk), a few dozen meters above the plane, are the natural pools. The upper pools are the hottest, and should be sufficient antidote to combat fatigue and cold.

If you are going supplemental account one day and snow was good team from this point you may continue to the spectacular Nieves Negras Glacier, which requires an additional day.

Expected Time

Where have randonée or snowshoeing, take between 4 hours and 6 hours. Travelers without snowshoes, take about seven. The return should take four to five hours, more for walkers.

Permits / Fees

While the vehicular road is cut, this route does not require entry permits or paid. While the vehicular road is open (October to May) is charged $ 5,000 per person at the entrance to the baths.


  • Since reaching the end of this trek makes a big difference to be half way (with cold and hot springs) from very early is recommended, especially for those who do not wear snowshoes or skis.
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure maximum quality of the spa facilities. Indeed, any trekkero or skier would not have reason to touch them. The Covarrubias, owners of the baths, are unable to care facilities in the winter months because of isolation, so are left to rely on the wisdom of the adventurers who come in those months. Take care facilities!

Hire horses

You can hire horses with Roberto Molina and Katerina Cáceres, departing from Baños Morales. Ph: 02-87100051, 91667566. Fares are around CLP $10.000 (US 18) per horse. But this is unlikely in the months of winter.

Waypoints in Google Earth

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