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GPT21 - Lago Todos Los Santos

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* 2020-Jan-4-6 / Shaun / Regular hiking route Southbound
I accessed the southbound start of this section by walking 7km east from El Poncho on the dirt road that runs along the south shore of Lago Rupanco (=Oh-Mr-V@20-0a-#001). From settlers Sergio and Sandro, I learned that Esteban is an alternative to Rudy for crossing Lago Todos los Santos. Esteban was able to take me immediately, whereas around the same time Linda (see below) unfortunately had to wait a couple of days. Esteban lives at El Rincón the departure point My experience of the southbound crossing,rest of section was similar to others’.
* 03 January - 06 January // Linda // Regular hiking route Southbound

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