Petzl Ascension

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Tipo de Producto Equipo Outdoor
Estado producto Como nuevo,
Precio $60.000 Pesos chilenos
Celular 66271865
Teléfono fijo 5111074
Ubicación del producto Chile, Santiago
Fecha Publicación
Fecha última modificación 04 marzo 2017
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Handled rope clamp (right and left handed versions) Handle with ergonomic grip for comfort and thermal insulation. Trigger cam with teeth and cleaning slot: works even on dirty or icy ropes. Ergonomic spring-loaded catch is easy to use even when wearing gloves. Spring-loaded catch can be locked in the open position so the rope clamp can be put on or taken off the rope with one hand. Two holes on the bottom: one to connect a lanyard and one for installing a foot loop with a quick link. The upper holes allow a carabiner to be clipped so the rope clamp can be used for self-belaying or with hauling systems. Available in right- and left-handed versions. Certification CE EN 567 NFPA L Technical specifications 195 g For single ropes between 8 and 13 mm in diameter. Right hand, blue frame: B17 R. Left hand, yellow frame: B17 L. Individually tested.