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  • Trekking: October to April. Between May and September of a normal year there will be too much snow for a relatively long trek like this.
  • Randonnée: June, July and August early. The start of this trek is quite low (1.965m) so that, unless exceptional days, it will be necessary to load the skis a long way. Therefore we recommend it only in winter.


Map Glacier La Paloma. File: Department of Roads

From Santiago, we must take the road to the ski resorts of Valle del Mapocho (Farellones-Colorado, La Parva, Valle Nevado) on Route G-21, pavement regular state. We must continue along this road to the turn number 15. Therein lies the entrance to Nature Sanctuary Yerba Loca, administered by CONAF. You must register and pay $ 1,500 per person per day. You follow a gravel road 4.2 kilometers regular state mountain range to the site Villa Paulina.

During the winter season -normally from the begginning of june to late september- there are numerous transfer services departing from Av. Las Condes and Av. Apoquindo

KL Adventure

  • Address: Santa Isabel de Cantagallo, Las Condes, Santiago
  • Ph: (2) 217 91 01
  • Frecuency: Daily
  • Departures from: International Airport, Unimarc Supermarket in Cantagallo, Ski Rental.
  • Departure time: 8:00 y 8:30 AM

Ski Total

  • Address: Avda. Apoquindo 4900 office 37-46 (Omnium building), Las Condes, Santiago
  • Ph: (2) 246 68 81
  • Frecuency: Daily
  • Departures from: Avda. Apoquindo 4900 Omnium building, Cantagallo, Mall Los Trapenses.
  • Departure time: 8:00 y 9:00 AM

Once the ski season is over, there are no longer public transport, so the hitchiking is the only way. There are good chances in a weekend, though.

These minibuses are to turn 15 (all drivers know it), where is CONAF. Will then be necessary to walk the 4.2 miles of vehicle road to Villa Paulina.

Route description

trekking map
Glacier Trekking Profile La Paloma. The vertical scale is increased.

At the end of the picnic area of Villa Paulina, where the road vehicle, about 1900 m, there is a sign: 'The Glacier'. You should follow a well marked trail that runs along the eastern shore of Yerba Loca, rising progressively. The route is always the bottom of the valley, making it impossible to lose. At first, the trail goes along with small trees and shrubs, which gradually disappear as you get higher. Some watersheds cross the path. After about 3 hours has been reached mid-mountain landscape of bare rock. In about four hours, is The Tin, where there is a sort of an ancient building foundations. From this point is already visible in the distance above the falls to climb before Piedra Carvajal. This cascade, less than an hour from La Lata, is a good place to rest and water supply. Then the path is facing a steeper section, a sort of step at which the valley rises sharply. The trail zigzags to trace it. It is the toughest stretch of the walk. Once this point, there is a vast plain of grass and meadows populated mountain range. At the beginning of this plain in the west bank of the river, is Piedra Carvajal (3280m), a makeshift shelter among the rocks. May have traces of ancient travelers, including leftovers. Then they must cross the plain, also

Glacier La Paloma from Piedra Carvajal
known as 'field of Mars', provided by the west bank of the estuary. Finished this point, the path loss between the carries of the moraine of the glacier. It should then go up the loose soil by the same bank for which we have been walking. The terrain is difficult and we must be careful not to fall, but after half an hour of effort in this area you reach a balcony with a beautiful view of the glacier La Paloma.

Mirador del Glaciar La Paloma. File: Constanza Miranda

Expected Time

They are about 6 to 8 hours of hiking up the glacier from Villa Paulina. Therefore, only people with good physical and lightweight luggage can make the trek in one day. In general, we recommend the trek in two days, camping in Piedra Carvajal.

Fares and schedules == ==

  • Input: from 8:30 to 17:00
  • Departure: until 18:00
  • Adults: $ 2000 per day
  • Children: $ 1,000 per day

The Sanctuary is currently controlled by the Municipality of Lo Barnechea and access times may confirm them in this link


  • Due to closing hours, if entered order, the return must be necessarily before that time.
  • You can hire carriers to carry the load in mules (or straight, make the journey on horseback)
    • Marco Berriozar: 09-93478505
    • Javier Morales: 09-92918057
  • The Yerba Loca is rich in sulfates. Avoid drinking your water. Moreover, many slopes cross the path.

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Hiring Guides

Hiring guides is possible for this trek:

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