GPT44 (Peninsula de Magellanes)

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Season 2025/26

Season 2024/25

Season 2023/24

From 11/12/2023 to 13/12/2023 // 3 days // hiking // NOBO // RR // Quentin Clavel

I passed the border, then continue in swamps, an other river to pass,if you go NOBO, better to take the track on the left of the river (you'll see on your GPS you have both possibilities) so you don't have to cross it later on.

Then follow the track (mix of wild animal track and old traces of car track at the end) lead you to the gravel road who go along the Lago roca.

Then, I follow this gravel to El Calafate. I wish I could walk on the way to puerta banderas, then discover the area between estancia Cristina and estancia helsingfors. But the NP didn't allow me to go threw this wild area by myself. They're very strict on the fact that you should be at least 3 to go there. So if you are lucky enough to find travel buddies to go there with you, you can make the request by email to : or/and to

  • Frank 3 days part of RR then roadwalk to Calafate

I hitched from Calafate along Ruta 15 gravel road to junction X44 shown on track file then walked up to the frontier in one easy day. The route goes in CC for about 400 metres, then you go in along a drainage ditch to join an old jeep track. After a few KM the jeep track fades into cow trails but there are a lot of cows so the trails are in good condition. Then you go CC for a bit but it´s in meadows so easy walking. Flat areas near the river are boggy. When I reached the point where RR crosses the river it was running high so I went upstream 3KM on the near bank & crossed there, it was narrow & thigh deep. All other stream crossings I jumped.

2 huts at the Argentinian puesto. The good one was locked & the other one was good for cooking but not for sleeping. Good camping outside. The Chilean puesto is about 1KM from the frontier & is in good condition. It has a bed & a stove. I camped at the Argentinian puesto & returned easily to the road next day. When I reached the river I crossed it immediately - I was able to jump it at a narrow point. I stayed a little above the river on bluffs which are a bit drier than flat spots by the river. At the road I continued for about 8KM to junction X44A then hitched to Calafate.

I got the bus to Lago Roca, he dropped me at junction X44A & I walked back the 31KM Calafate in one day. You can walk on trails by the roadside for part of the route. No facilities open along the road.

Season 2022/23

  • SoBo/ January 22/ Participant: Tobias Schorcht/ 3 Days/Method: Hiking

The cheapest Bustransfer from El Calafate to Puerto Bandera which I found was 7000 APS and is provided by Tolkeyen Patagonia. From Puerto Bandera I walked straight towards the border. Cross country aside brazo rico was easy. Took me a while to find a ford through the little creek which flows into the fjord. Jan might add the ford to the new Trackfiles. After hitting the border between Chile and Argentina, I walked back through the Peninsula de Magellanes, from where I hitchhiked back to Calafate. Few people there, easy trail, saw a skunk.

Season 2021/22

Season 2020/21

Season 2019/20

Season 2018/19

Season 2017/18

Season 2016/17

Resupply and Accommodation

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Transport to and from Route

December 2023 info: In high season i.e. from around 1st December there is a bus on Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 8:45AM from Calafate bus terminal to Lago Roca along Ruta 15. Cost 12,000 pesos one way or about 13 euro. The driver will drop you at junction X44 shown on the track file from where you can walk up to the Chilean frontier. The bus returns from Lago Roca to Calafate on the same days at 6PM.

Permits, Entry Fees and Right-of-Way Issues

Frank December 2023 info:

Near the frontier I met an Argentinian guide leading a tour group on horseback. He told me I needed a permit to be there & he would report my presence to the park guards. Anyway I went in & out via farmland & only the last 6KM is in the park. There is a fence running across the valley at the park boundary but no signs to indicate you are in the park. No park guards present so it´s not an issue. However if you come in on the alternative route from Laguna Roca you will need to pay the park fee & may need a permit.

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