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Laguna Negra (english)

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== Access by car and the road status ==
[[ImageFile: Mapa_acceso_laguna_negra.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Access Map Laguna Negra . The onset is shown with a red star. ImageFile: [ Department of Roads]]]
From Santiago, you should take Route G-25 at Cajon del Maipo. From the
Vizcachas crossing, 47 kilometers are paved in good condition
==Route description==
[[ImageFile: Trekking_laguna_negra.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Trekking Laguna Negra. ImageFile: Modified from [ Google Earth]]]
to the west, you will need up to nearly 2,800 feet before
[[ImageFile: Embalse_el_yeso.jpg|thumb|200px|left|El Yeso frozen end of the coldest winter in 40 years. September 2007]]
northwest. After advancing a few minutes from the highest point,
Black Lagoon will be visible. From this point the journey becomes even
== Permissions ==
[[ImageFile: Playa_Laguna_Negra.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Black Lagoon beach. At the bottom the hill Echaurren (4230 m). September 2007.]]
From the same dam, the land is owned by Aguas Andinas. The step is not
is permitted without permission. To obtain the access permit must be

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